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It all starts with your Credit Score.

Check your Credit Report and find out what’s impacting your score now.

Because Credit Matters…
build credit

Build Credit

When you’re ready to take out a loan to buy a house or car, a good score can get you things like lower interest rates, access to the best credit cards with good benefits, a wider variety of housing options, plus more. Building credit takes time, so it’s important to begin building your credit before you really need it.

improve bad credit

Improve Bad Credit

Credit is the level of trust potential lenders have that you will repay money you have borrowed. Bad credit is having a lot of negative records, late payments or possibly a loan default on your credit report. Bad credit doesn’t have to last forever. You can take steps to improve your credit score over time.

use credit cards

Use Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used as a tool to build and improve your credit history. A disciplined use of credit cards can be a complement to your budget. This is a great way to earn rewards for purchases on products and services you’d be making anyway.

5 Reasons to Care About Your Credit

  • 1. Pay for college – Having good credit ensures you qualify for student loans with the lowest interest rates and favorable terms, making it easier to pay back on time.
  • 2. Buy a home – a credit score of 740 or higher helps you qualify for the best mortgage rates available, particularly on conventional loans.
  • 3. Find a job – your credit score may impact your career opportunity. Some employers check the credit of potential hires, especially for jobs involving access to money, sensitive customer data or company information.
  • 4. Own a credit card – to qualify for the top credit cards that pay amazing travel rewards, you need a good credit score.
  • 5. Grow your business – bad personal credit or no credit can limit your funding and make it harder to manage cash flow.