Introduction to Student Credit Cards

Different individuals have different needs. So the credit card suppliers too have designed different sorts of cards. Other than the ordinary credit cards, there are private venture cards for independent venture and afterward there are student credit cards which are designed particularly for students.

So, what is different about the student credit cards?

You could say very little, since all credit cards work in basically a similar way and are utilized for pretty much same purposes. However, there are 2 major differences with the student credit cards and these differences are on the 2 major angles, Credit limit and APR.

The credit limit for student credit cards is low. This means it’s from $500 to $1000 every month. Indeed, the reason is clear and self-evident. The vast majority of the students applying for these credit cards have never utilized a credit card in their life so neither do they have a credit rating and nor the necessary knowledge about credit cards.

The APR on the student credit cards is higher than that on the typical credit cards. Again the explanation behind this is same as that for lower credit limit i.e. the credit card organization or the credit card supplier is after all into business and needs to take steps to mitigate any conceivable dangers including the hazard emerging from issuing a credit card to someone who is naïve regarding credit card knowledge.

The credit card organizations may likewise make some stricter terms and conditions on the student credit cards and maybe require a parent or a watchman’s signature as a guarantor.

Since credit cards are more of a need than a convenience in this day and age, the student credit cards are quite suggested, particularly as a learning instrument in getting the students arranged for the future of their life. Because of their inherent characteristics of low credit limit etc., student credit cards can’t lead students into an absolutely irreversible debt situation. Students should read all of the instructions provided with their student credit card. This first credit card will show them how to protect themselves from credit card fraud, where to utilize their credit card, how to control their spending, what the different enrollment benefits are and so on. The prior they take in these things the better it is.

So student credit cards are a without a doubt a good path for students to begin with credit cards. For more information visit