What Makes a Good Credit Card


Which Credit Cards Give You Good Credit? Credit card offers arrive in the mail on a daily basis. If you have good credit, these offers contain low interest rates and maybe a grace period of no payments. If you have bad credit you may receive an offer with a high interest rate and hidden fees attached. This is just a part of everyday life that can be a positive experience or a downright negative one. If you do a search online for “credit cards/good credit,” you will be amazed at the links that pop up almost instantly offering credit cards to those who have good credit. The offers go on and on, and the choices become quite overwhelming.

Credit Card/Good Credit Decisions Choosing a credit card when having good credit is still a bit of a chore. Sure, having good credit is a positive thing, but with the assortment of offers, it can be hard to make a decision. Many sites offer a list of offers that show the differences in an easy-to-read format. This allows you to readily determine what is more important to you and allow you to apply for the best credit card for your individual requirements. Many times credit cards are offered to those who have good credit with no interest for 12 months; other times they are offered at a 0% interest rate for a number of months. This all depends on your credit standing and the company offering the card. One important issue to remember is annual fee costs. If you have good credit, in no way should you have to pay an annual fee. Individuals with bad credit will more than likely have no choice but to pay this fee, but good credit holders should always enjoy the perk of no annual fee.

What to Look For When applying for a credit card with good credit standing, you should foremost look for the interest rate that is offered. Many times credit card companies offer an introductory rate of 0%. This period lasts for the amount of time that the company offers; anyone applying for the credit card should be sure to understand the length of time at this interest rate and be sure to investigate what the future interest will be. Also, many creditors will offer 0% on balance transfers. This can be a good option, allowing you to get all of your debt bundled into one payment at a lower interest rate. Lastly, many credit card companies offer rewards. Depending on how much you spend, a certain percentage may be redeemed at the end of the year in the form of a check. Other rewards, such as airline miles, may be offered as well. Credit cards with good credit are never-ending